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Board of Directors

Yvonne L. Atkins

Jacquelynne Bowman, Esq., Clerk

Christal Fenton, Esq.

Michael Fleischer, Esq.

Margareth Frayne-Sodre

Ann Guay, Esq.

Eileen M. Hagerty, Esq.

Richard Howard, Esq.

Matthew J. Iverson, Esq., Chair

Christine Lucero, Esq.

Renald Raphael

Ruth-Ann Rasbold

Robert Shusterman, Treasurer

Meghan Streff Spring

Tee Thach-Hasan


MAC is dedicated to being an independent and effective voice for children who face significant barriers to equal educational and life opportunities. MAC works to overcome these barriers by changing conditions for many children, while also helping one child at a time.

Pictured above: MAC Fellow Brian Heffernan and his mom at the 2012 Annual Celebration and Silent Auction.

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