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The Citizen Commission

The Citizen Commission on Academic Success for Boston Children was co-founded and chaired by Hubie Jones, who is also MAC’s founder. The Citizen Commission is a diverse group of educational experts who are deeply committed to the success of the Boston Public Schools.

The Commission was created to analyze the successes and ongoing challenges of BPS during the tenure of Superintendent Thomas Payzant and to develop a roadmap for transformative change to present to the incoming superintendent. MAC played a very activie role in the membership and staff of the Commission.

The report, Transforming the Boston Public Schools: A Roadmap for the New Superintendent, calls for a commitment to high standards and contains specific recommendations for action in the areas of literacy and math instruction, special education, English language learners, dropouts and high school reform, family and community engagement, hiring and retention of teachers, and the BPS-BTU contract.

Download or Purchase Transforming the Boston Public Schools A Roadmap for the New Superintendent.

Helping Children Learn

For 40 years, MAC has responded to the needs of children who are vulnerable because of poverty, race, limited English or disability and does not intend to stop. With education reform continuing to occupy a high priority on the state’s policy agenda, and with the severe economic crisis facing Massachusetts families, MAC is needed now, more than ever.

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