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Main Telephone Number: 617-357-8431

Jerry Mogul
Executive Director x231

Susan F. Cole, Esq.
Senior Project Director

Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative


Tania Duarte
Office Manager x229

Anne Eisner
Deputy Director

Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative


Tina Fitanides

Policy Analyst x244

Autism Center

Harry Goulart
Youth Leader Fellow x246

Naeema Hernandez

Lead Organizer/Policy Analyst

Boston School Reform Initiative

Leslie Hughes
Public Information Specialist x233
Autism Center

Kim Janey
Senior Project Director x227

Boston School Reform Initiative

Julia K. Landau, Esq.
Senior Project Director x222
Disability Education Justice Initiative

Leslie Lockhart
Helpline Coordinator x226

Catherine Mayes
Advocate x241
Autism Center

Tom Mela, Esq.
Senior Project Director x223

Children's Law Support Project

Daniel Perlman

Staff Attorney x225

Johanne Pino
Project Coordinator x234
Disability Education Justice Initiative



For over 40 years, MAC has responded to the needs of children who are vulnerable because of poverty, race, limited English or disability and does not intend to stop. With education reform continuing to occupy a high priority on the state’s policy agenda, and with the severe economic crisis facing Massachusetts families, MAC is needed now, more than ever.


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